Zebastian Carlson of Dream Of Magic has specialized in music for visual art such as feature movies, short films, TV-series, games, applications and other forms of art where the music is playing the role of the emotional teller. Zebastian offers original music for any of the above situation and every score is always original and written for the current project. He writes music for any particular film-genre and mood, mostly orchestral with high quality orchestra-libraries. But also electronical or rock-based. Influenced by the masters of filmscoring, Zebastian Carlson is ready for any filmscoring mission, big or small. Through Dream Of Magic, which is the name of Zebastians filmscoring-project, Dreams can come true, whether it is on or off the screen.

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Sista Människan

3 april 2016

I have composed the music for the silent film Sista Människan (Last Man). Four songs was written for the movie and it is now finally available for you all!

The soundtrack is also available. Take a listen or two!

By the way, I wrote an article for the swedish movie site Moviezine about film scoring, some information about how I work and what to think about when you are scoring a picture. Published today. Hope you know your swedish!

Read the article here


20 march 2016

I am happy to announce that I have been making the original music for the TV-series Spegelvänd (Mirrored). Produced by the production company Way Creative.

First episode will be aired on the swedish television channel Barnkanalen this Tuesday (march 22) at 19:45 and then every Tuesday for 8 weeks.

You can also watch it online here:

Spegelvänd - First Episode on UrPlay


20 january 2016

Last summer I composed a piece of music called Parent And Child for the movie Resilience. It is a documentary about survival against all odds, challenging yourself and the the strength of being independent. We follow Meia Lua, a man who refuses to let his physical disability prevent him from living a full life and to fulfill his dream of being able to live with his son.

The world premiere of this fascinated movie will take place next weekend at the Gothenburg Film Festival (Göteborg Film Festival). For tickets, visit Göteborg Film Festival Website.

Resilience will also be shown at the Tempo Film Festival in Stockholm this march. For tickets for that viewing, visit Tempo Film Festival Website

Sometime later this spring the movie is going to be shown in Malmö as well.

For more information, visit the Resilience Official Website.

Older news...

Unlike the short presentation about me at the beginning of this website I am not going to talk about myself in a third person in the following text. You see, the reason I was doing that was just because I was trying to appear a little more professional so you would think that I had employees who take care of such things. But I have to be honest with you now, I am running this website by myself, and I am not so rich that I have a whole crew taking care of everything for me (yet). Anyway…

My name is Zebastian Carlson and I was born in the west side of Sweden. I am a composer and music-producer and I have specialized in music for film projects of various kinds.

Picture of me, Zebastian Carlson

I am currently living in Ystad, the new Hollywood of Sweden and the country's southernmost city. It is a beautiful place where the inspiration can flow. I don't know if it is because of the medieval architecture in the town, the open landscapes and the wonderful nature or the always present sea. But there is something about this part of this country which have a good impact of my creativity.

I started out as a guitarist and songwriter for rock, pop and blues in the early 2000's but got more and more interested in soundtracks for movies and the more classical and orchestral kind of music that is frequently used in the film industry today.

Graduated in music-production through the university programme Design Of Music And Sound where I spend a great time of my study to analyze film scoring, both compositional, orchestrational and how the music can interact with the drama. I did my traineeship with Håkan Eriksson, a swedish prominent composer for television. And I also did my examination project about film scoring, a work named Att Måla Känslor Med Musikens Färger - En studie i hur man kan skapa musik för olika typer av känslor (To Paint Emotions With The colors of Music – A study of how it is possible to create music to bring forth different kind of emotions) which were a study of how the music affects the emotions of the listener and if it is possible to communicate a certain feeling to the listener. For that work I composed seven different songs for seven different film genres and with predefined feelings. I then let 128 people listen to the songs and let them answer some questions about what feelings they got when they heard the music. To my big surprise, a big majority of the listeners were having the same feelings as I was trying to evoke. But pretty often they also imagine pictures of the same environments that I was having when I wrote the music. So my conclusion of that work was: Yes! It is most definitely possible to communicate certain feelings with instrumental music to the majority of the listeners.

In addition to this two year long education I have also studied another 85 ECTS points in different music courses such as: composing, arranging, mixing and producing but also some music history over the years.
Even if all this academic music studying has given me a lot of knowledge about a lot of things I still belive that the best way of learing music is to just take a listen to it, and be surrounded by it as much as you possibly can. The most things I have learned when it comes to music I have learned from the listeners point of view, just as a big fan of music. I would never have learned what I've learned if I haven't had such a big passion for music.

As long I can remember I have been very fascinated about the way the music can affects your mood completely and how it can strengthen the emotions in a movie and as it were "give birth" to everything that you can't see in the picture. The music can make the whole scene feel so much more alive and for real. I really don't think there is anything you can't say with music. It is a universal language, much more complete than any other language. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from and you don't need to learn it to understand it. Isn't it fascinating?

Some of my absolute favourite film composers are Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and Alan Menken to name just a few. I guess my own soundtrack-music has a flavour of all of them in some way or another, it is nearly impossible not to be inspired by the music you are listening to and I feel happy when someone says that my music sounds like some of my musical heroes, but I think it is very important to find my own style and develop it. And in many ways I think I have, but I am always looking for new ways of doing personal music. One of the most important part of being a composer is to be an individual.

I master many musical styles for a pretty wide range of different film genres. And I am a big believer that: what you can't do, you can always learn to do. And I think I will never consider myself as a fully trained composer. And the fact is, I don't want to be it either. I want to continue to develop as a musician and I think of it as a lifelong process, and since I am still young I think I will have a lot of time to improve my ability.

I am working with some of the best orchestra-samples on the market and I offer an operational end product with finished music originally written for your project. I am always looking for new missions and adventures, scoring a film is a big adventure itself, so if you are looking for a composer for anything, whatever it may be, do not hesitate to contact me. I am gonna do my best to give your project the best and most suitable music possible.

Dream Of Magic is a vision about dreams coming true, whether it is on or off the screen. I hope you'll join, in some way or another.

/ Zebastian Carlson


  • Radio Devås - Glädjens Högtid (Radio Devas - The Feast Of Joy) - Filmscore (2012)
  • Det Var En Gång Ett Djur Som Hette Fisk (Once There Was An Animal Called Fish) - Documentary Filmscore (2012)
  • Att Måla Känslor Med Musikens Färger (To Paint Emotions With The Colors Of Music) - Thesis (2013)
  • Norwegian Night - Filmscore (2013)
  • 2000 Steg (2000 Steps) - Filmscore (2014)
  • Hjältarna (Heroes) - Podcast Soundtrack (2014)
  • Fall From Grace - Filmscore (2014)
  • Blottare En Dag (Flasher For A Day) - Filmscore (2015)
  • Vestigium (Footprint) - Filmscore (2015)
  • Menolippu (One Way Ticket) - Filmscore (2015)
  • Nytta Design - Commercials & fashion fair
  • Resilience - Documentary Filmscore (2016)
  • Spegelvänd - TV series (2016)
  • Sista Människan (Last Man) - Filmscore (2016)
  • Skräckpodden - Podcast Theme (2017)

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